Here are what some of my clients have had to say about my buckles.

    "Bought this after considering for many weeks. When it got here I was so happy with it. I love these artful pieces. So creative but so natural at the same time. Amazing."

    "What a treasured find! The artistry of this beautiful buckle exceeded my expectations! I love, Love, LOVE it!!! ...and, I got it in less than 3 days. AMAZING!"

    "Pure beauty."

    "Just wanted to let you know that I love the Christmas gift my daughter gave to me. It was a beautiful belt buckle done in brown/copper earth tones. I have a largevcollection of buckles made by James reaid, Douglas Manus, Greg Jensen, as well as several by B.G. Mudd. Although the buckles I mentioned are primarily done in gold and silver, which obviously increases the cost, I can honestly say your work is every bit as fine. In fact, once you have enough of the typical engraved gold/silver buckles, they tend to start looking quite the same. Your buckles are much more unique and personally artiistic. I will wear it with pride!"

    "Absolutely incredible quality! Great service! I LOVE my buckle...I'm planning to start a Crooked Moon Buckle collection!!"

    "Besides being an incredibly talented artist, Lisa is a conscientious business woman, and a total joy to deal with. Her buckle is more stunning than its photos, and easily exceeded my expectation! Please support her work."