This bracelet is done up in the Chakra colors red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue and violet. I hand cut all the glass pieces and artfully arranged them with glass beads, millifiori, 24kt gold smalti,glass rods, semi precious stones, glass tile and on and on. After everything was glued down and dried, I painstakingly picked all the extra dried glue off and grouted. I grouted this bracelet in black for a more muted look. It is truly a stunning bracelet that will get NOTICED!

**EVERYTHING in my shop is handmade by ME, in my home studio in Warwick, RI.I really love creating these pieces for you and I take great pride in my craftsmanship. I truly put my heart and soul into every single thing that I make and stand behind it 100%**

All designs are exclusive to Crooked Moon Mosaic Studio

The total length of the bracelet is 9" Bezel to bezel, with the rings attached to the bezel is 6" There is 2" of rings, (4 rings) and 1" of the small ring with a toggle lock for a secure fit.
The bracelet is sterling silver plated over brass.
( My wrist measures 6 1/2" with a tape measure. The bracelet hooked in the last ring, closest to the bezel with the toggle lock and is a perfect fit)

Gift Boxed and ready to ship!

One of a kind handmade bracelet made out of glass and semi precious stones
9'' total length